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Chronic Care Management Health Inc.

Chronic Care Management Health Inc. is the leading full service chronic care outsourced management partner for physicians.

The bottom line is a systematic approach resulting in healthier patients, more satisfied providers and an overall cost savings.


50-70% Of Your Patients Qualify For CCM Services

  • Half Of All Adult Americans Have A Chronic Condition 50% 50%
  • 1 In 4 Americans Have 2+ Chronic Conditions 25% 25%
  • 1/3 Of Medicare beneficiaries had 4 or more Chronic Conditions. 33% 33%
  • 2 Out Of 3 Medicare Beneficiaries Have 2+ Chronic Conditions 66% 66%
  • Patient’s With 2+ Conditions Makes Up 93% Of Medicare Spending 93% 93%

USA Based Call Center

All of our Case Managers are licensed Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists & Nurse Care Practitioners. Our call center is located in New York City. 

A Fully Integrated Approach

CCM Health integrates internal disease management, collaborative identification of problems and goal setting leading to the development of individualized care plans with the goal of improving the quality of life of people living with chronic diseases.

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Chronic care management is the future of Value Based Care. It has been proven to lower overall Medicare expenses 1.5% year over year. Medicare saved over 37 million dollars due to CCM in 2017.  Cost savings are attributed to lower hospital admission & readmission rates, fewer medication errors and improved patient outcomes.

Medicare Beneficiaries On The Rise

As the population ages, physician practices face the challenge of improving the quality of care for chronically ill patients while containing costs. Age 65-95. By 2022, Medicare beneficiaries are
expected to compose
58% of provider volumes. By 2030, Medicare beneficiaries are
projected to be close to
80 Million.